Several people were interested in the small digital camera that I brought to DEFCON and Coffee Wars this year. It is the SiPix StyleCam Blink II. You can read all about it at I picked it up at Fry's Electronics for around $40.

I admit that the camera is not much more than a toy. Max resolution is 640x480, so the quality is limited. It has no flash and while it works in lower light conditions, the quality rapidly degrades. It does its best outside in bright sunlight (compare the inside to outside images below). Some quick specs:

Resolution 640x480, 320x240
Image Capacity 60 @ 640x480, 300 @ 320x240 (approx.)
Video Length 60 sec, 100 sec (approx.)
PC Interface USB
Power 1xAAA battery,USB power
Human Interface Mode Button and Status LCD (no image preview)

Video mode is "streaming snapshots" and is not more that 5fps.

The real advantage is that at less than 2.5" square it is extremely portable (I clipped it on to my badge leash) and the single AAA battery lasted the whole weekend.

Here are some of the pictures that I took during the Con.

Entries are lined up and ready to be judged
Pots are a brew'n
Alice pours out
Pots are empty. Ready to reload.
Simple Nomad introduces Richard Thieme
Richard Thieme speaks
A look at the vendor area
A second look at the vendor area
More vendor area (are we bored yet?)
The beautiful Alexis Park.
More of the Alexis Park (savior the moment)
Leaving Las Vegas
Until next year...

Gurney Halleck
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