dTo at DC7

Thanks to Phloe for the images...

Before taking off for DC7 we gathered at the dTo Phoenix location and fired off the Spud Gun. Although difficult to see, Gurney is in the process of loading the Spud Gun which is laying on the bench. An extra barrel is on the ground below the bench. The ignition sparker (small white tube) and the fuel (Aqua Net!) are under his feet.
Loading the Spud Gun again from a different angle. As you can see, it was getting dark by this time. The flash from the muzzle was really cool.
Cheers! FiendBailey, Gurney and H211 toast to the Con. We stayed at a palatial suite at the Alexis Park Hotel reserved specifically for the dTo crew.
Gulp. Normally, the dTo crew are teetotalers but at Defcon we let our hair down, so to speak, and imbibe a few.
Gurney finishes up. FiendBailey and H211 are ready for another round.
"That looks about right" Gurney employs his exacting bartender skills.

Gurney Halleck
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