This is my DEFCON page. Here you'll find my DEFCON related Stuff.

Defcon VI

Introduction to Basic Lock Picking (zipped powerpoint format) - This is the presentation that I did at DEFCON 6. Also available in Postscript and PDF formats.

I have started to collect some legal information about lock picking

Video from the demo (no sound):

Picking the dead bolt lock - dbolt.avi
Picking the pad lock - padlock.avi
Picking the door knob lock - knob.avi
Picking the wafer lock - wafer.avi
(Video quality is pretty poor due to my capture frame rate and a not so hot original)

Hobbit 'helps' with the slides!

DT lusts after the beer lock...

Defcon VII

V1RU5, Stephen Wadlow and I did a lock picking demonstration at Defcon VII.  V1RU5 specifically covered hand cuffs and hiding picks while all three of us covered general lock picking methods.

Defcon VIII

Once again, V1RU5, Stephen and myself did a lock picking presentation. This year included a self study course with practice locks.