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Mon, 26 Nov 2007
Dogs Toaster
Shrdlu brought in a really cool looking toaster - a classic chrome, dome top, two slice pop-up style. The toaster itself was not working but it was a beautiful case. Dog had a single board computer (SBC) that that was just begging to be mounted inside.

Once Dog started, the Lab turned into a dedicated construction facility. Tools, metal scraps, electronics parts and cables were everywhere. A Dremel was used to shape the metal brackets and he used a butane soldering iron to custom make cables and connectors.

The toaster was on display at Defcon 9 during the Coffee Wars event and was featured on TechTV.

The following are the specs for the toaster: P233MMX Mobil Pentium, 32Meg RAM, 2.5Gig HD, 1.44 floppy, 10bT Ethernet, SVGA, USB, PS2 Mouse, PS2 Keyboard, PC104 connector, Slackware 7.0 (2.2.13 Kernel) Linux

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Toaster Under Construction-1

Dog made a pretty good mess in the lab. Here are a bunch of scrap parts that he was using to build the case.

More of the mess. Cables and the butane soldering iron.

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Toaster Under Construction-2

A good look at the finished product. As you can see this case was just too nice not to do something with.

You can see the power cord here. The toaster gets its power from a drive connector from a normal PC power supply. Dog rigged up a spare ATX power supply such that the motherboard power button is ignored and power is controlled directly by the switch on the supply.

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Toaster Under Construction-3

The external connectors are mounted where the crumb tray was inserted. Accessible connectors include SVGA, PS2 Mouse, PS2 keyboard and Ethernet. The USB connectors are not accessible.

A great shot of the inside of the toaster and the SBC. Note the tiny fan that cools the processor. A larger fan circulates air for the whole system. The blue connectors are for HD, FD and the various external connectors.

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Toaster Under Construction-4

A side shot showing the large fan.

The other side. You can see the mounting bracket for the floppy and the hard drive. Dog built all the mounting brackets from various scraps of metal from other computer cases.

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Toaster Under Construction-5

A view of the top. The HD and floppy fit nicely into the bagel sized bread slots. With the case on, a cover can slide over to hide the drives when not in use.

It's alive! The toaster booted into the BIOS menu.

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If you're going to make stuff or hack stuff you've got to have materials and a source for them. There are a lot of good sources for stuff some are obvious and some aren't. Then there's always dumpster diving...

A good price is also important. Why would you buy a component at "Rat Shack" when you could get if for free by pulling it from a trashed stereo?

Here are the locations we like to haunt and some of the interesting items that we've found.

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CW Logos
Almost every year we come up with some sort of logo for the event. At this point we all have too many T-shirts (and mugs) so we really don't do it much. Here are a few that I came up with.

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You gotta have toys, right? So here are some cool toys that we're playing with.

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digitalTRASH has been attending DC (DefCon) since DC2 way back in 1994. Back then there was, probably, no more that two hundred people in attendance. Phil Zimmerman was the keynote speaker. Gail Thackeray also spoke having just been involved in Operation Sundevil (read your history books squirts)

Now DC has an attendance of over 6000! Feds mingle with the hackers and the government actively recruits. The media is all over the place and it is much more of a party atmosphere than a technical get-together.

But after fourteen years of attendance, what are you going to do? You just gotta go.

For a couple years I did lock picking talks at DefCon. I was accompanied by the likes of Hobbit, V1RU5 and Stephen Wadlow. In recent years, the Irvine Underground has done a lot of really cool lock picking stuff but I was the first to bring a lock board to the con, the first to provide lock picking instruction and the first to sell pick sets. I'm so 31337!

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DefCon 6

DefCon 6 was the frist Con where I did a lock picking talk. I was accompanied by Hobbit, formally of the L0pht. Here is the material from that talk.

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DefCon 11

Here are some pictures from DefCon 11.

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DefCon 7

Here are some pre-Con activities for DefCon 7

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DefCon 8

At DefCon 8, I did a talk on Lock Picking. Here is the presentation.

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